Wedding Dress Alteration and Cleaning

Keep your garments fresh and neat with our cleaning services.

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Wedding days and other special occasions are always dear to us, and wearing the dress that fits us perfectly is important to make us feel beautiful and comfortable in it. When the special day is over, we want to make sure that our clothes stay the same so they can remind us of the beautiful moments we had. At Ultra Cleaners, we provide quality garment care services in Red Deer to keep your clothes well-fitted and maintained.

Reliable Dry Cleaners

We help you keep your garment looking the same for generations to come. We clean and preserve your clothes with care and attention to make sure that they last long. You can rely on us for pickup and delivery of your items!


Specialty Items Cleaned

Keep your wedding gown fresh and new with our cleaning services to make sure it lasts down the memory lane. Maybe one day you will reuse it! We can also help you preserve and restore your old dresses. Some other items we clean include:






Alterations We Do

We understand that it is essential for your clothing to complement your body. Every one of us has gone at least once for an alteration to make our clothing fit us properly. Whether it is a new dress or one that has been passed on to you, we provide you the alterations that you need to make them fit you as they should.


Visit us to keep your clothes clean and fresh with our dry cleaning services. You can also depend on us for wedding dresses and formal wear alterations.


Restyle and Restore Your Outdated Wear

Get your wedding dress and formal wear altered by us to fit you perfectly.

Dry cleaning

Comforter Dry Cleaning

Have us clean your curtains, drapes and comforters.

stain Removal

Stain Removal

We remove spots and stains from fur, silk, satin and cotton clothes.

Garment repair

Garment Repair

Fix your pockets and get your zipper and linings repaired by us.