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Get Your Elegant Drapery Cleaned Without Any Shrinkage by Us

Do you need drapery cleaning services in Red Deer? At Ultra Cleaners, we provide you with quality drapery cleaning to remove all the dirt and soil, and make your

drapes look good. It is important that you get your curtains and drapes cleaned regularly, but this process makes them hard and rough. You can turn to us for

chemical-free drape cleaning. Our cleaning process will keep them soft and smooth. Our experienced team makes sure that your curtains are returned with proper

pleats and without any shrinkage.

Lump-free Comforter Cleaning

Dry cleaning your comforter often leaves lumps in it, making it very uncomfortable to use. You can bring your comforter to us for a smooth, lump-free dry cleaning process. Our cleaning will make it fluffy so that you can cuddle in it and make your evening warm and sweet.

Caring Wash for Your Duvet

Your duvets of feather and down fillings need to be dry cleaned regularly to keep off the stains and spots. If you’re worried about washing them, you can come to us for a stress-free dry cleaning service. Give us a call to find out more.

Feather Duvet Cleaning

Have us keep your drapes elegant and pleated.

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